Oceans Apart

A poem I wrote titled “Oceans Apart”

Oceans Apart

Where is home?
Home is everywhere, yet home is nowhere.
Home is place of belonging.
Yet mine is oceans apart.

Home is the smell of freshly-roasted coffee.
Home is the strong aftertaste of smooth green tea.
Home is the richness of bitter dark chocolate.
Home is the sweetness of velvety red bean.

Home is the salty breeze, the cloudless sky,
And steady lap of ocean waves on a white beach.
Home is the red and orange glow of the sunset
Sinking behind the peeks of fog-laced mountains covered with snow.

Home is determination, creativity, and individualism.
Home is simplicity, elegance, and conformity.
Home is laughter—loud, deep, and rich.
Home is giggles—shy, refined, and cultured.

Home is big and bold and brave.
Home is quiet, still, and reserved.
Home is the drum of music, blaring.
Home is the careful pluck of Koto strings.
Home is modern, new, and diverse.
Home is traditional and identical.

Where is home?
Home is my precious passport country.
Home is my beautiful Asian home.
And when I gaze at sandy beaches
I dream of mountains in the distance.

When I sip steaming green tea
My mind wanders to the smell of coffee,
And with a pang
I realize my heart is pulled
In two different directions.

When the laughter around me is loud and vibrant
Mine is quiet and reserved.
My surroundings call for conformity
But I stand out.

Two different worlds–
Oceans apart.
I reach for one
And long for the other.
No wonder I can never truly go home.

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