A Review of B at Home by Valérie Besanceney

B at Home is a narrative story specifically written for younger TCKs. The book switches between the perspective of 10-year-old Emma and her teddy bear, B, who poses as ‘the voice wisdom.’ The author captures a few months of Emma’s life when she finds out about her move to Luxemburg, struggles with saying “goodbyes” and preparing to say “hellos,” and eventually learns to define ‘home’ as a sense of belonging with other TCKs rather than a specific location.

I guess all of us [TCKs] at this table are from somewhere in between here and everywhere,” Emma thinks. And knowing every single person around the table understands what she means makes her feel very much at home.”

The author draws from her own TCK upbringing to write Emma’s story, referring to the book as a fictional ‘memoir.’  She skillfully translates current research on the third-culture-kid experience into a language that every young TCK can understand. B at Home ends with a list of discussion questions designed to help TCKs process their emotions.

This book not only reassures TCKs that they are not alone in these feelings but also supports parents in better understanding their TCKs. Even as a TCK high-school student, I related to Emma. While reading this book, I realized that the emotions I felt eight years ago during my family’s first international move perfectly mirrored the feelings described in B at Home. I recommend this book to TCKs of all ages, as well as any parent or teacher of third culture kids.

Find out more information about this book here on Amazon.

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