A Review of Arrivals, Departures, and the Adventure in Between by Chris O’Shaughnessy

This book provides an insightful glimpse into the hearts and minds of third culture kids. Currently an international speaker to third culture kids around the globe, the author brings his background to life in a warm, genuine, and personal conversation from one TCK to another. Torn as a child between his home, England, and his passport country, America, Chris O’Shaughnessy perfectly understands and relates to the TCK struggle of growing up among worlds.
“One plane ride and I had become average and normal by all outside appearances…But upon entering the country of your birth or your familial origins, you realize that the place you are meant to feel the most ‘at home’ is the most foreign to you.”
The author weaves sobering topics of belonging, adaptability, and conflict resolution within side-splitting stories and hysterical accounts of his own experiences, resulting in an eye-opening masterpiece with which every TCK can relate. He links many of these topics back to identity, stressing the importance grounding ourselves in ‘who we are’ despite constant change.
“This is why TCKs really need to be secure in their sense of core identity. Aspects of how you interact with your environment can change, but who you really are deep down, should not.”
In this information-packed, well-researched book, O’Shaughnessy recognizes the impact of third culture kids’ international perspectives, but also reminds his audience of the importance of open-mindedness, humility, and flexibility. He explains the challenges TCKs face and then highlights the unique capabilities third culture kids acquire as a result.
Not only did this book make me think critically about my third culture experience, but it also helped me understand the roots of my emotions and my reactions to change. As a TCK, I highly recommend this book to other third culture kids, as well as any parent, family member, or friend who desires to better understand and support TCKs.

Find out more information about this book here on Amazon.

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