A Review of Insights and Interviews from the 2014 Families in Global Transition Conference: The Global Family Redefined

Those who attend the Families in Global Transition share three common goals: To teach what they know; to make connections; and to learn what it means to be globally mobile.

“At no other international gathering,” author and publisher Jo Parfitt writes in the forward of Insights and Interviews, “can you meet so many people who care about other people who live, work, learn and move between cultures.”

Filled with engaging presentations and powerful discussions, FIGT is attended by researchers, authors, and teachers who are passionate about improving the lives of globally mobile families. Joined by expat experts who share this same passion, the conference catalyzes growth, discovery, and learning.

“The energy and positivity of the attendees was an instant draw. It was amazing to see all the good that everyone is creating out of the challenges they themselves experience…I am just blown away by the fabulous research, tools and services people are creating,” says Maryam Afnan Ahmad, FIGT Co-Chair Communications and author of Slurping Soup and Other Confusions.

For those who were unable to attend FIGT 2014, Insights and Interviews provides a fascinating overview of the three-day conference. The book highlights current research and emerging trends for internationals. But most importantly, it captures the heart of FIGT.

What you can expect from Insights and Interviews:

The first half of this book consists of interviews with over thirteen expat experts about their lives, work, and passions. These interviews offer an unprecedented glimpse into the hearts and minds of expats highly regarded in their field. Many of these experts have published books. Other are internationally recognized researchers and speakers.  Others are successful entrepreneurs and business owners. But despite their different backgrounds and qualifications, they are passionate about supporting and encouraging expat families.

The second half of the book contains a detailed synopsis of every session presented at the conference. Including topics that range from “Forgotten Relatives” to “Trailing Spouses” to “Expat Adoption,” Insights and Interviews captures every expat-related new and upcoming idea, relevant concerns, and potential solutions.  The book is information-packed with links to additional websites, articles, and books.

Whether you are a TCK, CCK, or expat, whether you missed the conference or wish to ‘relive’ your favorite session, you will find encouragement and inspiration through Insights and Interviews.

Find out more about Insights and Interviews here.

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