UYD Magazine: 5 Lies Third Culture Kids Believe About Our Difference

The deathly silence. The heat that floods your face as you fumble to understand your latest cultural faux pas. The gaping jaws and wide eyes. Your overwhelming desire to instantly vanish. As Third Culture Kids (TCKs), we know the symptoms of a horrifying and ever-so-humiliating cultural gaffe. I’ve proudly presented my Japanese hosts with a wrapped package of bath salts instead of desserts. I’ve sprinkled MSG on my scrambled eggs for three months before realizing it wasn’t salt. I’ve opened a box– of what I believed to be fever patches–to find the stale smell of instant chicken noodle soup. Every TCK has experiences like these that highlight our differences…

Click here to read the rest of my recently published article on UYD Magazine about the 5 lies Third Culture Kids believe.

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