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where's home pic

“Where’s home” is a confusing and daunting question for Third Culture Kids. Our hearts are connected to many cultures and countries, making it extremely difficult to define home. I decided to base my latest article for UYD magazine on TCKs’ thought process behind the question. I asked my twin to design a picture for the post.

As I was uploading my article to UYD magazine, my little sister peered over my shoulder, eyes glued to my laptop screen. I showed her the picture.

“Like it?” I asked.

She half-grinned at me and nodded, reading the names of the countries we both love dearly. She stared at the question “Where’s home” written in red ink in the center of the picture. Forehead wrinkled and nose scrunched, she solemnly questioned, “Which one do you choose?”

I cracked up laughing. Point proven. “Where’s home?” is a complicated question for TCKs.

Click here to read my article ‘Demystifying the ‘Where’s Home?’ Question for Third Culture Kids’ on UYD magazine.

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  1. Nina Wills says:

    Taylor : I’m glad I ” happened” upon your blog. I teach 6th graders at Wright Christian Academy in Tulsa,Oklahoma . In our Bible class we have been talking about sharing the gospel, missionaries, & how we can encourage those who have been sent by God. Our class would love to send letters of encouragement to missionary kids. Is it possible you could send mailing addresses of these kids? May God bless your ministry…Mrs Nina Wills


    1. Taylor says:

      Thank you for your comment, Nina! I so appreciate your willingness to support and encourage MKs along with your class. Actually, I am going to a retreat next week with almost 300 MKs. I would love to get a few of their mailing addresses to send to you! If you could go to the “contact” section of my blog, type in your email address, and push “submit,” I can send the mailing addresses to your email. Thanks so much!


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