Five Longings of a TCK’s Heart

velvet ashes pic

Have you ever ached to know what your TCK is thinking? To discern what they need to hear from you? To glimpse into the longings of their heart?

As TCKs, we have many hidden yearnings tucked deep within us, but many of us refuse to articulate them to our parents. We often choose silence in our effort to be brave. We choose to stuff our emotions, not wanting to be a problem or to hinder your ministry. Why? Many of us are taught from a young age to serve God whole-heartedly. These personal desires sound selfish and immature to us, and guilt can frequently fuel our silence. Although our circumstances, personalities, and experiences vastly differ, TCKs share these five longings of the heart.

1. Invest in our relationship like you invest in relationships with nationals-Regardless of the time we spend together or the depth of our relationship with you, we must know, without question, that you delight in our time together.

I became a TCK when I was nine-years old. As my parents adjusted to their new role overseas, I watched them constantly pour their time and energy into building relationships with nationals. Like many TCKs, I saw them investing in others. I needed them to be fully present in our time together too, despite the demands of their ministry.

“I got lost in the shuffle [of ministry life]. Period,” reflected adult TCK Sherry about her difficult teenage experience overseas. A mother and grandmother with valuable insight from her time abroad, she explained, “I was convinced everyone mattered above me, and that I was at the bottom of the totem pole.” As TCKs, we can easily believe we are low on your priority list.

2. Draw out the emotions I’ve hidden in my heart.

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