For the TCK Who Has Ever Struggled to Fit In

So excited to share my most recent article “For the TCK Who Has Ever Struggled to Fit in” which was just published on UYD Media!

A confession…

I just realized I have a completely screwed perspective on what it means to fit in as a Third Culture Kid.

You see, I’m a TCK who likes logic. I like lists. I like to follow directions (when I can read them). I like to know the rules and follow them. I’m a perfectionist who happens to live the messy, ambiguous, unexpected life of a TCK. You’ve probably gathered by now: my TCK side doesn’t always work well with my Type -A personality.

Recently, I’ve been wrestling with a question: why do TCKs find it difficult to fit in? It’s a constant struggle of almost every TCK I know. There’s no set of directions to follow in order to find this sense of belonging. Many times it feels as though we have two choices…

Continue reading here.

And… exciting news! I have a  new column on UYD Media called “The TCK Mindset,” where I will be writing regularly about TCK issues (and fun stuff, too! 🙂 ) Check out my column here.

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