When Everything Else is Disposable

…In her book Global Mom, Melissa Dalton Bradford writes, “That truth is that just about everything, every last thing, every object is, ultimately, disposable. Things are, especially when you have to wrap and pack and load and unload and heft their weight time and time again, not only comparatively little value, but they just plain make it tough to up and move quickly or gracefully. They’re gravitational, pushing you deeper in this earth’s crust…”

She goes on to explain that each of us TCKs and expats have at least one indisposable thing.  For Melissa, it’s her kitchen table.

A few months ago, I heard a story about a TCK whose family recently relocated. On his scrawny ten-year-old wrist, he wears three different watches with the different times of his previous and current homes: Pakistan; Jacksonville, Florida; and the Philippines. A day doesn’t pass where you’d find this little boy without his watches. They are his indisposable things.

My indisposable thing?

My Cat Cup.  I know. It looks as crazy as it sounds.

Indiposable Thing-- CAT CUP








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  1. Nathan Stout says:

    As a MK I defenitely relate to this. I was 12 and was still using my flip flops that I started wearing at age 9 when my parents decided to replace them. When I found out they were thrown away I cried my heart out and screamed so much my parents got worried. So my dad ended up following the garbage truck which had just emptied our area’s garbage cans all the way to the dump and fished out my sandals… Don’t know where they are now though. I will always have some kind of indesposable possesion but the specific item seems to change over time depending on what memories or places it represents. Great post!


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