Broken Vases (a poem)

broken vases pic

We are like vases,
Broken and shattered.
Our hardships leave traces
Of hearts sorely battered.

Our lives reveal pain
And leave cracks on the surface.
Do we cower in shame?
Do we count ourselves worthless?

The lies we believe
Tell us we are unworthy.
In shouts, they deceive
The whispers of mercy.

These cracks and these bruises
We painstakingly cover;
Our falls and our losses
We pretend we don’t suffer;

These holes in our façade,
Which we patch and we hide
Shine of a life,
Tenderly purified.

Why do we fight
Our brokenness and pain,
When these cracks shine the light
We long to proclaim?

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  1. I love this dear one. May your heart and your life proclaim the love and mercy of Jesus. ~Former Missionary to Mexico.

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  2. Your poem was a blessing to me, Taylor.
    Hebrews 12:1-2


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