Satisfaction’s Secret



During a recent trip to Hong Kong, I observed two vastly different worlds in less than 24 hours.

On Wednesday, my family and I walked through a tunnel leading into the train station.  This cool, dark tunnel was also shelter to the homeless. Damp laundry hung on handrails. Paper cups and broken chopsticks stocked a make-shift kitchen. Dirty blankets piled high on the concrete floor served as beds. We were silent, aching, as we passed a sleeping woman.

On Thursday, my Dad took my twin sister and I on a date. We window-shopped at the most affluent mall I have ever seen in my life. Brand-name stores like Gucci, Channel, and Michael Kohr showcased expensive clothing, makeup, and jewelry. A popular grocery store called Taste sold every food you could possibly imagine. Jaws gaping, eyes wide, we meandered up and down escalators.

“These stores are so expensive, I’m afraid to even go inside!” my sister whispered.  (Instead, we purchased a bottle of water and tried a free sample of a mushroom.)

These two worlds starkly contrasted each other. Both impacted me. As I reflected, God reminded me of the true source of satisfaction, regardless of our circumstances.


Satisfaction’s Secret

This world is filled with many things,
A vast ocean of far-fetched desires.
The more we have, the more we need
To be complete in satisfaction.

This world demands a high-paced life,
A long to-do list, a busy schedule.
The more we run, the more we strive
For value, worth, and recognition.

This world delights in false facades,
In fake beauty and in perfection.
The more we give, the more we lose,
Ever-so-fearful of rejection.

But life is short and all too soon,
Beauty fades and bodies fail.
Desires unmet, heart-cries persist.
Yearnings ache: what satisfies?

But satisfaction does not come
From what surrounds you.
Satisfaction comes from
Those who surround you.

Satisfaction does not grow
With what you are.
Satisfaction grows with
Who you are becoming.

Satisfaction is not birthed
from what you hold.
Satisfaction is birthed by
Who holds you.

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  1. Bill McQuerry says:

    Thank you for ’10 Questions.’ We taught, coached and encouraged MKs and TCKs at BFA in Germany for two yrs…and LOVED it! Your questions are good ones to begin to connect w/ a TCK. I just forwarded your article to our Missions Committee, upon which my wife and I have both served for 10 yrs. I think they’ll appreciate your insights.


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