10 Questions Missionary Kids Would Love to Be Asked

Most MKs are asked hundreds of questions during their families’ home assignments. Ironically, many of us leave our passport countries feeling unknown. In all honesty, we usually don’t answer questions well. Our fumbling answers can create distance.  Many times we feel as though these questions are asked politely, without time or desire to listen to … More 10 Questions Missionary Kids Would Love to Be Asked

Satisfaction’s Secret

During a recent trip to Hong Kong, I observed two vastly different worlds in less than 24 hours. On Wednesday, my family and I walked through a tunnel leading into the train station.  This cool, dark tunnel was also shelter to the homeless. Damp laundry hung on handrails. Paper cups and broken chopsticks stocked a make-shift … More Satisfaction’s Secret

5 Mixed Cultural Messages That Mess Up TCK Identity

As a Third Culture Kid, my two worlds (Japan and the United States) tend to conflict. As I transition between these two vastly different cultures, I frequently receive mixed social messages on how others perceive me and how I’m supposed to act. Cultural differences can be challenging to decipher for TCKs, especially if we regularly … More 5 Mixed Cultural Messages That Mess Up TCK Identity

Global Friendships

Reconnecting with home-country friends can be challenging. My life and the lives of my home-country friends used to be parallel. But when I moved abroad nine years ago, our lives began turning, splitting, and taking different directions. Now? Our experiences have separated us, geographically and emotionally. Our lives aren’t parallel anymore. When I visit my … More Global Friendships

Broken Vases (a poem)

We are like vases, Broken and shattered. Our hardships leave traces Of hearts sorely battered. Our lives reveal pain And leave cracks on the surface. Do we cower in shame? Do we count ourselves worthless? The lies we believe Tell us we are unworthy. In shouts, they deceive The whispers of mercy. These cracks and … More Broken Vases (a poem)

Two-Faced TCKs

If I told you I had a split personality, you might look at me strangely and feel a little uncomfortable. But being a TCK feels like I live a double life. I have two locations I call “home.” I have two different “lives” on two different continents. I have two sets of friends, and two … More Two-Faced TCKs