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Insights and Interviews From the 2015 Families in Global Transition Conference

1d5d161ce0b02bd3dbb9406246bac8da--insight-thirdAlmost 20 years ago, four women sat round an Indianapolis kitchen table and had a dream. They dreamed of creating a conference that would inspire, support, inform and encourage families living overseas. 2015 marked the 17th Families in Global Transition conference which took place in Washington, DC, attended by people from every sector: corporate, missions, military and education. Researchers, teachers, spouses and authors joined experts in their field to share three common goals: to teach what they know; to make connections; to learn more about what it means to be globally mobile. This book of insights and interviews, garnered from the 2015 event and written by the Parfitt Pascoe Writing Residents provides those who could not make it to Washington a peek into what went on, what is said and what matters at FIGT. The 2015 theme was ‘Finding Home Amid Global Change’. Subjects such as belonging, the importance of rituals, transition and identity were discussed. There were workshops, keynotes and informal kitchen table sessions, but often it is what went on outside the sessions that had most resonance. This is when we met ‘friends we never met before’ and realised that FIGT is where we belong and where we do have a home. Every year four budding writers are selected to cover the conference. This year, the youngest contributor, Taylor Murray, was just 16 years old. Enjoy this book and take a peek into the world of change that is the home of the FIGT family – a family you too can be part of. Purchase here.

Hidden in My Heart: A TCK’s Journey Through Cultural Transition

17861798-_uy400_ss400_-e1521573252804.jpgWhen Taylor Murray arrived in Japan, she felt like she was on an adventure-an adventure that God had called her family to take. The unique food, the strange language and the foreign culture were exciting and new. But the novelty of life overseas wore off, and Taylor became overwhelmed with frustration, loneliness and the sorrow of leaving everything she knew-the States, her home, her extended family-for everything she didn’t know. She kept these emotions hidden in her heart until they reached a boiling point. Written as a series of individual prayers to God, Hidden in My Heart tells Taylor’s story as she transparently unloads her grief and anger on Him and, surprisingly, finds Him willing to listen and bring her to a place of healing and-ultimately-joy. Taylor, a homeschooler, became a TCK when she was nine years old. She realizes that TCKs live between two worlds and often experience unique struggles. Her desire is to help other TCKs reflect on their emotions and pursue God’s perspective. Taylor currently resides in Hiroshima, Japan. She enjoys writing and playing the piano. Purchase here.